You have the answers if you dare to look.

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About our name

A very long time ago the Spirits all got together and were assigning the home for the sacred beings. They started in the West. They decided this would be the home of the Thunderbeings givers of the rain and the life giving water. Moving to the North they declared it the home of the Buffalo Nation providers of all needed to sustain life to humans.


The next sacred direction was to the East Home of the Elk Nation teachers of how to walk in beauty and how to have healthy long lasting relationships. South was given to all other animal spirits to teach us acceptance and tolerance of those that are different. To the sky they gave home to the Great Mystery, The Creator of all living things. The earth became home of Mother Earth the giver and sustainer of life to all living beings. With all of that done and only one direction left, the spirits got together and wanted to place this Seventh Direction where it would be the hardest direction to get to.

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One said “Let’s put it at the bottom of the ocean it will be really hard to find there." No, said all of the other Spirits they will look there. Another said "let's put it at the top of the highest mountain." They all agreed that the humans would find it there also.


Eventually they placed the Seventh Direction in the last place we would look for help......... Inside of us!  We all look for the answers in other places: Drugs, Relationships, Ect... The last place we look is inside of ourselves.